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Online Learning for Satellite Clubs

Published: 25 June 2020

Satellite Clubs and group activities might be on hold for the time being, but our Youth Project Manager, Emma, has some ideas for online learning that will help your Satellite Club come back even stronger when social restrictions are lifted.

Young people boxing

Success stories from Satellite Clubs

Published: 25 June 2020

Satellite Clubs are local physical activity and sports opportunities that are designed around the needs of young people. This is what one Satellite Club lead had to say about the impact this opportunity had on Kit...

Bluewave coach online

Learning to coach differently online

Published: 25 June 2020

Coaches are masters at supporting others to develop. But when you’re used to being in a room with participants, online classes present a new challenge. Lynne and Gerry from Bluewave Korean Martial Arts share how they're coaching differently online.

videocall workout in the garden

Maintaining club engagement during COVID-19

Published: 25 June 2020

What happens when lockdown forces us to say goodbye to the social side of exercise? Kelly from Atlas Fitness shares how they’ve gone above and beyond to maintain community spirit in their club.

co-production being used by youth group

The Importance of Co-Production

Published: 25 June 2020

A core value of the Satellite Clubs programme is co-production. Youth Project Manager, Emma, talks about what this means, and some ways you can co-produce clubs with young people.

St Bede School trials imoves

Published: 25 June 2020

St Bede School's teachers and headteacher are big promoters of getting kids active every day. The school has an extensive variety of outdoor PE, however, there was not the same excitement from pupils when it came to indoor PE.

Energise Me at the Young Carers Festival

Published: 25 June 2020

For 20 years, The Children’s Society’s Include Service and YMCA Fairthorne Group have hosted the annual Young Carers Festival. The largest gathering of young carers in the world.

Apps that make it easier to exercise

Thumbs up from Tech Explorers

Published: 25 June 2020

Back in 2018 we recruited some Tech Explorer volunteers. The idea behind this was to discover apps that make it easy for people to embed exercise into their daily routine.

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