Energise YOUth

The Energise YOUth programme is changing. We hope to share more details soon. Visit this webpage again in the future to find out more.

Meanwhile, if you are a young person with a physical activity story you want to share, get in touch and have your say!

Be active in your own way

If you want to join a group or class that is already up and running, here’s a round-up of local activities to choose from. But, we know there are lots of reasons that they might not feel right for you. And you are not alone.

handwritten post-it note saying "sometimes you can feel that you aren't good enough"

Being physically active looks different to everyone. You might enjoy team sports or dancing. You might like going out on your scooter or skateboard. Or you might even like to get active whilst volunteering or helping the environment. Whatever physical activity looks like to you, we want to hear about it and help you make it happen.

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