St Bede School trials imoves

Date: 25 June 2020   Author: Energise Me

St Bede School’s teachers and headteacher are big promoters of getting kids active every day. The school has an extensive variety of outdoor PE and after-school clubs that kids love. However, there was not the same excitement from pupils when it came to indoor PE. The school trialled imoves to boost enthusiasm indoors.

"Going outside is already an exciting prospect for children so making indoor PE just as engaging was always going to be a challenge. We knew from talking to both teachers and pupils that the curriculum had become stale and needed tackling."

Julie Beckett, PE lead and Year 4 teacher, identified the issue by talking to teachers and pupils.

Trialling imoves

The school came across imoves, trialled it and instantly loved it. It is easy to use; all the planning is there with brilliant videos and great progression from Early Years all the way up to Year 6. It really has brought back flavour to St Bede’s indoor PE, especially for Dance, Gymnastics and Pilates.

Unlike other traditional PE schemes of work, imoves is an online video-based resource. This makes it highly interactive, engaging and accessible. St Bede’s like it because there are lots of styles and themes to choose from. Whatever topic you’re currently studying you’re sure to find an imoves lesson that links.

Julia uses imoves as a planning and learning tool. She reads the lesson plan, watches the video and then delivers the class herself.


The kids absolutely loved the disco dancing module. For the teachers, it was so rewarding watching them use the moves they had learnt in class at the school disco and in the playground. It makes you feel like you’ve made a real impact.



imoves’ extensive library of curriculum-based resources has given teachers at St Bede’s flexibility in their approach. It guarantees each child receives consistent learning across the board no matter who is teaching the lesson.


Find out more about imoves

imoves offers a free 30-day trial for schools. Gain instant access to Active Blasts and Active Lessons. Hop on over to the imoves website to register.

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This case study was originally published in our Primary Inside School Sport magazine in January 2019.

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