Friends and Family Toolkit

Find the tips and tools you need for supporting friends and family to be active.

We want our friends and family to be happy and healthy. So we encourage them to look after their physical and mental health. But it’s not always easy.

Maybe your friends and family want to be active but don’t know how to start. Or maybe they bite your head off for suggesting they should move more. Whatever brought you here, we hope you’ll find the support you need.

Support your friends and family

Common reasons for not being active

Gain a better understanding of why many people aren't active.

Having healthy conversations

A 5-step guide to healthy conversations that prompt movement.

Encouraging friends and family to be active

Tips for helping loved ones improve their health and wellbeing.

Where to look for activities

Useful resources to help you find suitable activities.

Keeping friends and family safe

How can you make sure your friends and family are safe?

Our Partners

Helping us tackle inactivity to boost health and happiness

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