Success stories from Satellite Clubs

Date: 25 June 2020   Author: Energise Me

Satellite Clubs are local physical activity and sports opportunities that are designed around the needs of young people. This is what one Satellite Club lead had to say about the impact this opportunity had on Kit...

Young people boxing

Kit has been coming to our youth club for just over two years. He has always been polite, quiet and reserved. We know he has tried some sports and activities outside the youth club, but they have never seemed to have much of an impact on him.

Since joining our Boxing Satellite Club, Kit has transformed physically and mentally. He is healthier and has a newfound confidence. I have seen Kit grow into a completely different man! He now interacts with confidence and can walk into our sessions with no hesitation and with his head held high.

Kit attends our Satellite Club weekly, but has also started going to sessions at the local boxing club.

Boxing has given me the opportunity to keep fit in a fun way and has developed my love for the sport. Before I started youth club boxing, I would just watch old matches like Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran II, now I get to participate and maybe complete at some stage.

Kit, attendee of a boxing Satellite Club and now a member of his local boxing club.

If you would like to find out more on Satellite Clubs head over to our Satellite Clubs Funding page or have a chat with Emma who will be happy to help.

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