Hampshire School Games Trek to Tokyo

To commemorate the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which are no longer taking place this Summer, the Hampshire School Games Organisers (SGOs) are challenging you to Trek to Tokyo!

This is a 6-week challenge for the summer holidays, asking you to complete daily physical activities and creative challenges throughout each week. Earn miles for each activity you take part in and record your daily miles on the chart as you trek your way across the globe to Tokyo.

Every week there’ll be a new booklet for you to download from here containing different challenges for you to try and have a go at – get your family and friends involved too!

So, how far is it to Tokyo? It’s 5,991 miles from Hampshire to Tokyo! That means you need to travel 1,000 miles a week to reach Tokyo by the end of the summer.


Download your miles record sheet here:

Find your local SGO to send your miles to

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