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Being a social butterfly when it comes to exercise is a good thing. Working out with another person or even a group helps your motivation, builds confidence and it can create healthy competition – plus it means there is always someone there to help you stick at it, especially when the days get colder and the nights get longer!

We’re not just talking about team sports either, there are lots of ways you can get active together – from finding a running buddy, to organising a whole day out for a group to try a new activity.

We’ve got lots of information on how to get active and get social at the same time. There are lots of different activities and inspiration everywhere – here a few of our favourite.

  • Beginner running Groups like Run Verity really show how inspirational group exercise can be, especially for those looking to build confidence, return from illness or injury or just start on their fitness journey. Check out the blogs written by their members who have gone from couch to 5k!  Take a look at RunTogether in useful links to find your nearest running group. 
  • Clubbercise Re-live your clubbing days (minus the next-day headache) with fun and energetic dance fitness classes. Think disco lights, 90’s music and a variety of high and low impact option that are great for all levels of fitness. Just don’t forget your headband and neon glowsticks!
  • Trampolining is fun, social and a fantastic way to make yourself feel good. Fortunately, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to somewhere to go and the whole family can get involved.
  • Breeze cycling With Breeze, it’s all about building confidence on the bike and having fun whilst you’re doing it. You can ride with a supportive and friendly female-only group and choose a speed and distance that suits you. You’ll get to experience the rush of the outdoors and get social with a coffee and chat afterwards. Use your postcode to find your nearest group on the Breeze Cycling website.


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