Championing active lifestyles

Our bodies are designed to move. Moving more is the single biggest difference we can make to our physical and mental health. That’s why championing active lifestyles sits at the heart of everything we do.

Many things can prevent us from living active lives. Fear, poor health, and a lack of time or interest can all play a part. No single approach will change that. So we encourage people to reconnect with movement in a way that suits them.

If physical activity were a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure, due to the great many illnesses it can prevent and help treat.

UK Chief Medical Officers

We change perceptions

‘Sporty’ and ‘active’ are often viewed as one and the same. But there’s more than one way to move. We work with communities to help them rethink what it means to be active.

Our conversations begin with what people care about. From there we can explore how movement might fit. This can spark exciting ideas, from adventure photography to Plogging (picking up litter whilst jogging). We work with communities and partners to make them happen.

We champion bold campaigns

The “perfect” photos which dominate the fitness industry can make people feel like they don’t belong.

We drive local activation of bold campaigns, which challenge what physical activity looks like. Campaigns are our way of sparking conversation and inspiring people to wiggle, jiggle and move. We want every resident in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to see a place for them in our active community.

Take a look at our networks to get involved.

Campaigns we support

This Girl Can campaign woman running with I jiggle therefore I am slogan

This Girl Can

We Are Undefeatable campaign logo and man with surgery scar

We Are Undefeatable

We influence organisations and policy

We work across sectors to make sure physical activity is always part of conversations about health, wellbeing and education. Team members work closely with Public Health, local authorities, schools and community organisations to advocate for and secure investment in physical activity.

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