We Are Undefeatable Campaign

We Are Undefeatable

The We Are Undefeatable campaign supports people with long-term health conditions to be more active. It encourages individuals to find ways to move that work with their conditions rather than against them.

With any health condition, the way you feel can change daily. There will be days when you can move more and days when you can’t. Every achievement, no matter how small it might seem, is worth celebrating.

We support We Are Undefeatable in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to help local people find ways to move with their health condition.

Controlling anxiety: Nancy's story

Nancy lives with generalised anxiety disorder. The pandemic could have been her worst nightmare but boxercise and running gave her something to focus on.

“Exercise gives me a great outlet to punch any frustration and stress away. It takes me out of my own head.”

“Most importantly, it gives me back some control. When you can’t really plan anything about your life, you know you can plan to do some exercise.”

Being active with a health condition

We Are Undefeatable provides practical support and inspiration to help you find ways to be active that work for you and your condition.

Movement doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be the same every day. Start small and do what’s right for you each day. And don’t forget to celebrate your achievements.

Take a look at the We Are Undefeatable website for help to get started.

Explore our Being active with a health condition page for local support.

Local stories


Elizabeth doesn't let Cancer stop her from enjoying her life!

Chris after a sea swim


Chris uses being active to look after his mental health.


Using a wheelchair has given Emily have the freedom to be active


Loosing his legs to diabetes led Simon back to table tennis

Doreen using an electric bike to be active with a lung condition


Doreen built up her strength to be active with a lung condition.

Get involved

Share your story

We’re on the lookout for Hampshire and Isle of Wight stories. If you have found ways to be active that suit you and your long-term health condition then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with Emily.

Join the We Are Undefeatable Network

We are launching a Hampshire and Isle of Wight network to drive the campaign at a local level. The network will connect people who are passionate about supporting individuals with long-term health conditions to move more.

Find out more about the network.

About the national campaign

We Are Undefeatable is a Sport England-funded campaign. It is led by 15 health and social care charities:

  • Age UK
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Asthma UK
  • Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now
  • British Lung Foundation
  • British Red Cross
  • Diabetes UK
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Mind
  • MS Society
  • Parkinson’s UK
  • Rethink Mental Illness
  • Royal Voluntary Service
  • Stroke Association
  • Versus Arthritis

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Other local stories

Fitness with Fibro

Sophie tells us how doing the Couch to 5k has changed her life.

Using energy to breed energy. Being active with multiple health conditions.

After multiple diagnoses, Debbie turned to exercise to energise.

How exercise helped my mental health

Georgia shares how being active helps manager her mental health.

Exercise, Anxiety and Personal Identity

How physical activity helped Kate overcome difficult hurdles.

Octavia proudly standing with no wig on. Showing she is bald from her Alopecia

How being active helped me overcome insecurities from having alopecia.

Octavia shares how being active helped her go without a wig on.

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