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Developing the workforce

The workforce plays a vital role in people’s enjoyment of physical activity and sport. We support volunteers, coaches, clubs and professionals to help participants thrive.

From a thoughtful coach to a friendly receptionist, the workforce can transform our experiences of physical activity and sport.

We work with a wide range of individuals and organisations to help them:

  • understand participants – particularly those from groups who are underrepresented in physical activity and sport
  • connect with participants
  • help participants thrive

The impact of the workforce

We explored physical activity through the eyes of two inactive teenagers in Gosport as they tried martial arts for the first time. They were nervous, but the “relaxed” club founder and assistant put them at ease. The assistant, aged 15, was relatable. She had been kick-boxing since she was aged 3 but she was also struggling with school and getting into work. She dedicated time to helping the girls get started.

“[The assistant] was so cool and strong and helped us lots. I didn’t think I’d like being taught by someone my age, but I didn’t feel like a child – she wasn’t condescending.” Female, Aged 15, Gosport

Who are the physical activity workforce?

We talk about the workforce as anyone who supports the delivery of physical activity and sport. This could be coaches, volunteers, leisure centre staff, or even teachers who support pupils to be active.

If you share our passion for getting people moving more then we are here to support you.

It was great to meet people from other sectors of the industry who are all encouraging women to get active and feel great about themselves.

This Girl Can Hampshire Network attendee

Developing understanding of inactive audiences

We invest in insight to shape our own and our partners’ understanding of inactive audiences.

We have worked with inactive teenagers, women, and LGBT+ individuals to identify what they need from the workforce. This research has enabled us to develop and source appropriate training to help our local workforce develop the skills and competencies to engage inactive groups.

It has also enabled us to influence the skills and qualities our partners look for when recruiting to coaching roles.

The instructor didn’t say anything and just smiled at me and let me carry on in my own time. For the next exercise she showed everyone (but really me) how to make the move easier.

Female, aged 19, Havant

Providing training and support

We work with national partners to signpost to and deliver training for our local workforce. Courses range from person-centred coaching to mental health first aid and safeguarding.

We also provide financial support for coaches, volunteers and officials through a Hampshire County Council-funded bursary scheme.

Take a look at our events and courses and funding pages to access support.

Coaching the person in front of you

In 2019, we partnered with UK Coaching to train up four Hampshire tutors to deliver Coaching the Person in Front of You workshops.

The workshops build awareness of why great people skills are an essential part of being an effective coach.

Our local tutors are helping coaches, and the wider workforce, hone their observation and communication skills to ensure participants thrive.

Developing a diverse workforce

We want to make sure our local workforce have the skills, confidence and support they need to engage underrepresented groups. But we are also passionate about nurturing a workforce that is more reflective of society.

Through initiatives such as Project 500, we are helping to diversify the workforce and help get more women involved in coaching.

Take a look at the projects below to find out what we’ve been up to.

Our workforce projects

Project 500

Project 500 inspires and supports women to get into coaching.

Pride in Our Workforce

An innovative project to increase LGBT+ inclusion.

Our Partners

Helping us tackle inactivity to boost health and happiness

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