Welcoming a Renewed Spotlight on Physical Activity

Date: 30 August 2023   Author: Energise Me

The UK Government has launched a new physical activity strategy, with a national target of 3.5million more adults and children to be physically active by 2030.

  • Department of Culture Media & Sport launches new physical activity strategy.
  • National target of 3.5million more adults and children to be physically active by 2030.
  • Focus on addressing inequalities, creating a welcoming, inclusive and fair environment for all.

The benefits of physical activity on our mental and physical health as well as community wellbeing has been thrown into the spotlight with the launch of the UK Government’s latest report Get Active: A strategy for the future of sport and physical activity.

Setting out how the UK can build a healthier nation, the strategy introduces a new national target of 2.5 million more adults and 1 million more children being active by 2030. The report rightly highlights the health benefits of regular physical activity in individuals’ lives, but also goes on to recognise the wider community and economic benefit it brings to the nation.

It also highlights the inequalities faced in sport and physical activity. Promising that more investment in the sector is targeted at inactive groups, and creating a blueprint so that wherever sport is played people feel safe, secure and supported.

We Can Be Active

In Hampshire and the Isle of Wight we know that over 550,000 adults, and over half of our children and young people are not meeting recommended UK guidelines for physical activity.[1]

The good news is, that our residents have already told us what they need to be more active. Over 800 people took part in developing the strategy, calling on us to join forces and deliver:

  • Positive Early Experiences for our children and young people.
  • Opportunities that meet their needs and interests.
  • Places and travel routes that allow them to be active and feel safe.
  • Support to help them get started.
  • Bold leaders, working together.

“Today’s report very much aligns with the We Can Be Active strategy and shared vision to create happier healthier communities” says Energise Me Chief Executive Julie Amies.

 “Since the launch of the strategy in 2021 organisations and individuals from across public health, leisure, local authorities and the NHS, to name just a few, have been working together to realise the benefits of physical activity, bringing to life projects such as Active through Football, the Hampshire School Games Festival and Change Champions.

“We welcome this renewed focus and investment from the Government. We know there is more to do to close the activity gap and address inequalities, so we can inspire and support active lifestyles. Our joint mission is for everyone to be active, in a way that suits them.”

Read the full report from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport

[1] Active Live Survey data (21-22 report) https://www.sportengland.org/research-and-data/data/active-lives


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