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Step Up The Fun: 13 Ways to Make Walking More Exciting

Date: 31 May 2024   Author: Energise Me

Walking is a free way to look after your physical and mental health that is ready and waiting at your doorstep. Round the cul-de-sac, to the park or over the hills, there are routes for everyone. 

Here are some ideas if you like having something to do on your walk, or want to turn it into a fun family activity.

Walking With Your Family

A family posing at the top of a hill.

Emma walks with her children so that they can bond and share stories.

Catherine uses walking as a way to have fun with her young children.

Lou uses walking to teach her children that being active doesn’t always have to be competitive.

Here are some fun things for you to try the next time you go on a walk with your family.

  1. Scavenger Hunt
    Add an element of adventure to your walks by giving you and your children a list of things to spot outside. A tree, a bird, a yellow flower: the longer the list, the longer the walk.
  2. Take A Penny
    No need to plan a route, let chance guide you! Assign the heads and tails of a coin either left or right, and flip to decide which way you’ll go at every corner. With this game, you never know where you might end up.
  3. Catch The Shadow
    When walking in a pair or in a group, try and step on the shadow belonging to the person in front of you. If you’re the leader, don’t make it easy – throw some zigs and zags in there!
  4. Story Quest
    Combine literature and physical activity by walking in the footsteps of a book character. Using Culture in Common’s free story trails, you can either follow Cyril the Squirrel around Ballard Water Meadows or follow Ethan, Emily and their four-legged friend, Jester around Gang Warily.
  5. Geocaching
    An outdoor treasure hunt awaits! Using the Geocaching App you’ll track hidden treasures located at specific coordinates.

Walking Alone

A man posing in the park.

Walking provides a break from the constant noise of daily life, allowing you to tune into your feelings and experience the benefits of being outdoors.

Colin walks to manage his weight and maintain a level of fitness.

Helen found that walking was a great way to be active in a way that suited her lifestyle.

  1. Listen to a podcast
    Enhance your knowledge or gain new perspectives by putting your headphones in and listening to a podcast. Whether your interests are historical, true-crime or self-care, there’s plenty of things to help you pass the time while getting fresh air.
  2. Phone a friend
    Catch-up with a family or friend and share stories of the day or get something off your chest. It’s a great way to make walking a social activity. 
  3. Augmented Reality Mobile Games
    Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are both examples of where physical activity meets technology. While walking through your local area, you’ll be venturing through magical worlds and undergoing quests on your screen. 

Walking For Your Mental Health

3 women stopping to take a selfie in the forest.

Walking is a great way to positively impact your mental-wellbeing. It can help lift your mood, improve sleep and reduce stress.

Jude set up a walking group for people get things off their chest as they get active.

Lee started walking to fundraise for Diabetes UK and found that it helped his mental health.

  1. Forest Wellbeing Journal
    Watch the sunlight trickle through the tree’s canopy and listen to the birds. Take the time to appreciate the world around you by slowing down and filling out Forestry England’s ‘Forest Wellbeing Journal’.  
  2. Hampshire Country Council’s Wellbeing Walks
    To help you connect with nature, Hampshire County Council have created a series of self-guided sensory trails for all ages and abilities in accessible urban and green locations across Hampshire.
  3. Join A Local Group
    Visit the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Activity Finder to find a walking group at the right pace, price and place for your needs and make this physical activity a way to meet new people and make friends. 

Walking For The Environment

  1. Active Travel 
    Turn your commute into a physical activity opportunity. Instead of driving to the office or to the local shops, plan and make the time to walk instead.
  2. Litter Picking 
    You can either join a local group who help to clean up Hampshire’s green spaces grab a bin bag and collect litter along your walk by yourself. 

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Walking is a great way to move, make friends or enjoy me time.

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