Boosting confidence with Bikeability

Date: 13 May 2021   Author: Energise Me

Completing a Bikeabilty course helped 9 year-old Noah grow his confidence and love of cycling. So much so that he started BMX biking which has helped him feel in control of his bike.

My name is Noah, and I am 9 years old. I love cycling, football and pizza!

Why I love cycling

I go cycling regularly with my family and throughout lockdown we went even more. It was a great way of keeping active and having something fun to do when we could not go to school or do my normal activities.

Cycling has helped me to explore my local area and although there are some great places to cycle without going on the road, we did end up cycling where the cars went. My mum helped me learn the basics like what to do at various junctions and roundabouts. Although this helped, I still felt a little bit nervous because the roads were busy. So, we decided we should do a Bikeability course.


Bikeability course

The Bikeability course is aimed at getting young people cycling safely of the roads. It is a free course open for kids aged 7-11. There are three levels and at each level you have a coach who helps you develop better, safer cycling habits. Level one was a two-hour session where we looked at things like ensuring our helmets were on safely and our bikes were in roadworthy condition. SPOILER ALERT: The ABCD check means:

A = Is there enough air in your tyres?
B = Do your brakes work?
C = Make sure your chain is in pristine conditions (not rusty or dirty)
D = Lift your bike up a few inches and drop it a few inches to check if everything is OK.

Level two was when the real fun started. We knew we were safe and that our bikes were safe, and we were allowed out on the road. On the road we did some signaling we learned about the safest positions to be in on the road.

After the session, I was awarded with my certificate, badge, and a hi-vis jacket to wear on the roads so I could be seen.


Feeling more confident on my bike

One great thing about our cycling adventures is that we found two BMX tracks near to where we live. One of which hosted a BMX club! So, as soon as activities started, I joined the club! The club is great as they let me borrow a bike and BMX helmet since I did not have them. Starting to learn BMX really helps you develop a lot of bike control. I feel much more confident at going around the track and that also helps me feel more confident on the roads.

I really love cycling. It doesn’t matter what type. I just love being out on my bike because it makes me feel so happy.

Feeling inspired?


Bikeability builds from skills on the playground to completing independent journeys.

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Family cycle routes in Hampshire

There are loads of different trails you can cycle on in Hampshire and enjoy the great outdoors as a family.

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