Women cycling in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Cycling in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Wheee! Few things are more joyful than cycling along with the wind in your hair.

Cycling is a thrilling way to get out and get moving! Whether you are looking for a low-cost method of transport or wanting to add a little adventure to your day. A low impact form of exercise, cycling is great for any ability level. It has many health benefits and is good for your joints, especially the knees.

Getting from A to B

Swapping your four wheels for two not only has benefits for your health. It is also more environmentally friendly, can help beat traffic and helps you get more fresh air. You can save money on petrol whilst getting active!

My Journey Hampshire has loads of resources to help you get started on your cycling journey. You can plan your route on the site so that you know exactly where to go and how long it will take you. It also has top tips and advice to help you get started.

Find everything you need to get started cycling in and around Hampshire on the My Journey site.

Jen's Story

Jen was getting the bus to work but realised at peak times it would be quicker on a bike. So she decided to give it a go. It was a slow start but she was proud of her progress, particularly making it up a steep hill without stopping. She promised herself she would cycle at least three days a week, but soon managed four.

Jen loved that she no longer had to wait for the bus. She was saving money and could leave work when she was ready. And when she didn’t have time for a workout after work, her active commute had it covered.

Jen on her bike - cycling to work

Finding Adventure

Cycling is a great way to discover new parts of your local area. In Hampshire and the Isle of Wight there are lots of different places for cycling.  With the South Downs, New Forest and many others to choose from, there is always a new route  to be explored.

Visit Hampshire

Find miles of quiet country lanes, car-free tracks and bridleways that will enthral both beginner and expert cyclists.

Visit site

South Downs Cycle Routes

Discover exciting routes stretching through the rolling hills and bustling towns of the South Downs.

Visit site

Cycling on the Isle of Wight

Explore the 200 miles of cycling track, byways and bridleways of the Isle of Wight. There are plenty of routes for you to try no matter your ability.

Visit site

New Forest Cycle Routes

Whether you prefer to ride a mountain bike or road bike. Take a look at the various route options available in the picturesque setting of the New Forrest.

Visit site

The Sociable cycle

Cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed solo or used as a way to be social. Whether with your friends and family or at a cycling group. You can chat and ride. Bringing you closer and allowing you to take in nature as you go.

Family Cycle Rides

Here are visit Hampshire's picks of the best cycle routes for the whole family to enjoy together.

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Let's Ride Cycle Groups

HSBC UK Ride Social is a brilliant way to connect with friendly local riders. Find your nearest group today.

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Jen on her bike - cycling to work

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Jen shares how she swapped four wheels for two, cycling to work.

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