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Not all exercise costs money. There are lots of activities that you can do for free. From Cycling through the New Forest to Trekking on the South Downs, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is a great place for free exploring!

Free activities don’t have to mean taking the social side out of being active either. There are lots of friendly group activities that are free to join and give you a great way of meeting new people.

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Walking group


Walking is a great way to move, make friends or enjoy me time.

Charlotte running


Running is a simple way to be active anywhere at any time.

Women cycling in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight


Join a free and fun cycle ride to enjoy the outdoors.

Emily's Story

As a frugal working mum, Emily likes to find fun ways to be active for less money. She enjoys getting her family walking and finding new routes but her children aren’t always so keen. Combining the walk with a picnic or treasure hunt soon gets them into the spirit.

Emily also makes the most of free workouts and apps like couch to 5k. The whole family do yoga using free videos online and Emily gets some ‘me time’ by shutting the door and doing virtual Zumba. “I don’t have to get child care and I can change activities whenever I get bored.”

Read more of Emily’s budget conscious tips.

More free activity options

Person looking at fitness app

Fitness apps and technology

Using apps and technology can help motivate us to move more.

Women getting active at home together

Getting active at home

Your home. Your rules. Get active at home however you choose.

A man with Type 2 Diabetes dancing

Being active with a health condition

Find a way to be active to suit you and your health condition.

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