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Fitness apps and technology

Fitness apps and technology can help motivate us to move more.

Maybe you’re short on time or money. Or maybe you prefer to exercise alone but need a bit of encouragement. Whatever your situation, fitness apps can be a perfect pocket-sized solution to help you get active. Here are a few free ones to help you get started.


Free walking apps

If you’ve not been very active recently and need a gentle start, these walking apps are a great place to begin. Build up your pace to get your heart beating just a little faster.

Active 10

It's easier than you think to fit exercise into your day with the Active 10 walking tracker app.

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Go Jauntly

Discover walks, create your own and share adventures with friends.

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Map My Walk

Track your walks and go further with Under Armour's Map My Walk app.

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Free running apps for beginners and beyond

Charlotte running

If you’re ready to progress to running but you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of beginners’ apps to help you up the pace.

Couch to 5k

Gradually build up from walking to running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks with Couch to 5k.

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Zombies, Run! 5k Training

Add adventure to your running with Zombies chasing you up to 5k in this 8-week training plan.

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Nike Run Club

Take your pick from a series of guided runs to suit every mood - even on 'don't wanna run' ones.

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Track your runs, join challenges and share your runs with friends on this popular running and cycling app.

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Free workout apps

When you’re lacking time or motivation, a short workout can help you keep moving. These fitness apps offer choice and flexibility.


Take your pick from beginner, low impact, bedtime, pre-natal and post-natal workouts right through to cardio, dance and hiit.

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The Johnson & Johnson official 7-minute Workout®

The Official 7 Minute Workout® App is the fast, simple, science-based way to work out anywhere, anytime.

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iPrescribe Exercise

Developed by physiotherapists, this app creates a tailored plan based on your health and fitness levels.

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Nike Training Club

Pick a workout plan to suit you or try individual workouts, starting from just 5 minutes long.

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Become a Tech Explorer

We are growing a local community of tech explorers to share their experiences of using fitness apps. If you try one of these apps, we’d love to hear how you get on. Your story could helps others find a pocket-fitness solution that’s right for them. Get in touch with Georgia or Sara to share your story.

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