Events and Courses

We run and promote events and courses that help to improve experiences of physical activity and sport.

Themes and topics vary. But our goal is always to make physical activity and sport more inclusive and engaging for all.

Take a look at what’s coming up and get in touch if there’s a topic you’d particularly like to see covered. We work with a wide range of training providers, including UK Coaching, who might be able to help.


Understanding and Supporting LGBTU+ Children and Young People (Part One)

How organisations can become safer spaces and LGBTU+ inclusive.

Understanding and Supporting LGBTU+ Children and Young People (Part Two)

Have greater confidence in supporting LGBTU+ young people.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Train in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Latest events

There are currently no events planned due to the current situation with Covid-19. We will update this page once we have further guidance for events.

Our Partners

Helping us tackle inactivity to boost health and happiness

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