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We Can Be Active Strategy

We Can Be Active is a joint mission to inspire and support active lifestyles so we can all be active in a way that suits us.

We Can Be Active began with a big online conversation open to everyone in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Local people told us what helps them to be active and what gets in the way. We matched these comments with evidence from around the world before bringing individuals and organisations together to help shape a plan to make it easier for us all to be active.

The resulting strategy was created by over 800 individuals and organisations.

Inviting local people to re-imagine physical activity

“Imagine if we could all be happier, healthier, and stronger.” That was the future we invited people to think about when we started work on We Can Be Active last year. It was a future we knew physical activity could help deliver. Up to 30% reduced risk of depression, 50% reduced risk of major illness and 30% reduced risk of premature death are no small contributions to that vision. Little did we know back then just how urgent, important, and distant health and happiness would feel all these months later. And so we launch We Can Be Active with a sense of urgency.

Read Energise Me’s introduction to We Can Be Active

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5 broad goals

The We Can Be Active strategy consists of five broad goals that summarise what local people need to be active. These goals might stem from your words. They might come from the words of your neighbours, friends, family, or teammates.

We need:

  1. Positive early experiences for our children and young people.
  2. Opportunities that meet our needs and interests, and are accessible and easy to find.
  3. Places and travel routes where we all feel safe and are encouraged to be active.
  4. Support to help us get started or keep moving when we feel that we can’t do it alone.
  5. Bold leaders working together to create happier and healthier communities.

Let's move together to address inequalities and make Hampshire and the Isle of Wight a happier and healthier place to live.

We Can Be Active strategy

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What's Your #WeCanBeActiveWin

We Can Be Active Wins

Share your project progress and achievements in helping Hampshire and Isle of Wight become more physically active.

Have you empowered young people to create change in their local community? Have you been a part of transforming under-utilised buildings for physical activity? Have you created a new opportunity locally? Tell us about your successes that help the residents of Hampshire and Isle of Wight to be more active.
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We Can Be Active events

Alongside the strategy document, Energise Me has committed to coordinating a series of We Can Be Active events. The events will offer a chance to connect, collaborate and learn from one another. Topics will include:

  • Measurement
  • Places that inspire movement
  • Support to get started
  • Sharing learning

Check out our events page for all the latest sessions.

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