Ian with a resistance band getting active at home

Getting active at home for older adults

There’s no age limit to being active. Get started today with videos and downloads to help older adults get active at home.

Everyone has different needs and abilities so it’s important that you do what feels right for you. Here’s a list of different resources designed for older adults. If you prefer something more strenuous, hop back to Getting Active at Home.

Add movement to your daily routine

You don’t need to do a full workout to increase your movement at home. Try adding some simple moves to your day-to-day tasks. Move it or Lose it UK has a Cuppa Routine, which can be done in the time it takes to boil a kettle:

Try a chair-based workout

Dining room chair for sitting exercise

Sitting exercise routines are the perfect way to gently improve your mobility and prevent falls. They can easily be done at home so you can steadily build up activity whilst staying in.

If you want to progress from sitting exercises, we’ve also included a couple of chair-supported videos below.

Live Well sitting exercises

A set of seated exercises with photos and instructions to help you improve mobility and prevent falls.

Visit site

Shapemaster UK 5-minute seated exercise video

A 5-minute seated exercise video led by a physiotherapist.

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Stay active at home poster

A downloadable poster with 6 simple chair-supported exercises created by expert physiotherapists.

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The Body Coach 10-minute workout

A 10-minute workout routine for older adults with a mix of chair-based and standing exercises.

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Join an online or on demand class

Older people dancing in a Move Momentum Gems class

Later Life Training and Move Momentum both offer live online classes and YouTube video workouts for older adults.

Later Life Training

Later Life Training are hosting live Make Movement Your Mission 10-minute workouts 3 times a day. You can join the workouts live by becoming part of their Facebook group. Alternatively, you can do them in your own time using the videos on YouTube.

Move momentum

Move Momentum is a Winchester charity that gives everybody the chance to dance! The team runs Gems over 65’s dance classes, which are currently being held online. You can also dance with their YouTube playlist at a time to suit you.

Tune into 10 Today

10 Today is a set of fun 10-minute, audio and video workouts intended to easily fit into your day. Tune in on the radio or watch videos online and start stretching and moving at home.

10 Today is designed by and for older people. It aims to keep you physically active, boost your wellbeing, and help you maintain your mobility and balance.

Tune in however you choose via the 10 Today website.

Stay active and well

Public Health England and Hampshire County Council both have some great tips on how older adults can stay well at home during COVID-19.

Stay well at home with advice from Hampshire County Council. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you lead a healthier life and avoid preventable hospital admission.

Maintain your strength and balance with the Active at Home booklet (PDF) from Public Health England.

Download the Active at Home booklet

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