Finance Management


Look at the principles of good financial management, financial planning, budgeting (both short and long term) and consider what income generation options best suits your organisation.

Your Culture and Values


Build on your understanding of organisational values and what defines your culture and how to use these to create inclusive environment.

Leadership and Governance


Look at who’s leading your organisation and the skills they need to be effective. It explores links with good governance principles and shares tips to help you put your policies into practice.

Dealing With Increasing Costs


As costs rise, this workshop will investigate how to deal with increasing costs and share top tips to help your organisation save money.

Engaging Your Community


This course, hosted by Buddle (Sport England) will explore how to better connect, understand and engage with your local community.

Volunteer Experience


Explore how to create a positive volunteering culture in your organisation and share top tips for the '3 Rs' of volunteering: recruiting, retaining, and rewarding.

Positive Experiences


This course will explore your current activity offer and help you identify changes that could be made to help your organisation grow.

Creating an Inclusive Environment


Understand the different barriers that people face, broaden your reach to attract a diverse range of people and more in this Buddle course.

Exploring Legal Structures


Understand the different options that are available for your organisation and highlight any considerations to change your legal structure.

Creating A Marketing Strategy


Improve engagement and awareness of your club or organisation by understanding the key principles of a marketing strategy.

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