Satellite Clubs Funding

Designed to get young people active and create regular activity habits

Satellite clubs are local sport and physical activity opportunities that are designed around the needs of young people. The aim is to provide positive experiences that make it easy for young people to become active or to develop more regular activity habits.

Understanding what’s important to young people and what their motivations and wishes are is the first step to developing a successful satellite club. They should be customer-led with young people heavily involved in decisions and design.

What are the goals of the programme?

Providing positive experiences

Creating enjoyable and valued experiences, designed for and with young people, that will help them feel positively about physical activity or sport and confident in their ability to take part

Changing behaviour

Helping young people to become active and to stay active by supporting them to exercise at a moderate intensity and to build regular activity habits

Influencing the sector

Supporting activity providers to adapt and tailor their offer to reflect and meet the different motivations and needs of young people so that their activities are delivering what 14 to 19 year olds are looking for, expecting and want, particularly those who aren’t currently active or at risk of dropping out.

Who are we looking to reach?


Benefits for young people

  • Feeling fitter and healthier
  • Gaining confidence
  • Achieving personal goals
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Learning new skills

Benefits for activity providers

  • Reaching new participants
  • Shaping activities with 14-19s to improve delivery
  • Attracting funding and resources
  • Developing coaches, leaders and volunteers
  • Creating new partnerships

Is funding support available?

Sport England announced in early July that Energise Me had been successful in securing funding to support delivery of a local satellite clubs programme between October 2017 and March 2019.

We’re now looking for partners to set up a network of Satellite Clubs across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Each project should be able to show how their satellite club proposal has been designed with and by young people and based around the aims of the programme so that it will be providing them with a positive experience of physical activity or sport and helping them to build a habit of being regularly active.

Organisations interested in setting up a club should complete and submit the Expression of Interest form, which is available in the downloads section of this page. Proposals should not only look at provision of the activity but also the wrap-around services and support that participants will need to enable them to start and then to continue taking part.

All funding is subject to Sport England’s final approval.

Making a difference

We’re entering an exciting new phase of the satellite clubs initiative, which has refreshed aims and objectives to help us achieve the outcomes set out in Sport England’s new Towards an Active Nation strategy.

The programme was originally launched in 2013 and we’ll be looking to build on the successes delivered so far in partnership with our local sports clubs, activity providers, schools, colleges and National Governing Bodies.

So far, in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Satellite Clubs funding has supported:

If you’re thinking of setting up a club, we’d love to hear from you!

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