Re-addressing balance in lockdown

Date: 6 November 2020   Author: Energise Me

During the first lockdown, Sophie built a routine around doing PE with Joe every morning and going for walks. But since PE has finished she found her routine slipping. As we head into another lockdown, she shares how she plans to get back to it.


Build in the Discipline

Ok, I’m in danger of becoming my chair!! The first few weeks of lockdown past, I was still doing my daily Joe Wicks workouts and building in a walk or cycle!

Joe hung up his 9.00 am PE kit, but I vowed to keep going, and I did! BUT it didn’t take long to fall out of a habit I’d enjoyed building into my day. Things have been super busy at work. I’ve taken on an additional voluntary role outside of work and those sunny energising days have decreased! All this combined has affected my routine.

Something I heard in a presentation nailed it for me recently. I’ve often been guilty of citing time, and lack of energy for not being as physically active as I know I should, and would like to be. But what it sometimes boils down to is mental capacity. If I’m too busy, feel under pressure or my often overactive mind has reached its limits, I stop doing other things. I can’t wrap my head around the logistics of fitting something else in. I feel spent!


How do I re-address the balance?!

I’ve chatted it through with my husband and he’s retained the discipline that I’ve lost and he’s no less busy. He knows me well enough to know nagging won’t work. There’s nothing worse than people pointing out the things that you know yourself. Nobody wants to be preached at. So, what he does brilliantly well are the gentle nudges.

With commitment on my part and his support, I’ll get back on it. I owe that to myself after laying down some solid foundations at the start of lockdown. Things are ever-changing, but I have remained working at home. This initially gave me some time back in my day. I pledge to redress the balance. I actually need to for both physical and mental health.

We’re waterproof, aren’t we, so I’ll try not to be a fair-weather walker and I’ll maybe give some more Joe Wicks a go!


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