Keeping active as life changes

Date: 25 June 2020   Author: Energise Me

Emily talks about how her physical activity habits have fluctuated throughout different stages of her life. From childhood and teenage years, to pregnancy and motherhood.

My mother always told me that as a child I would never sit down. That was due to the never-ending energy I seemed to have. That stayed with me throughout my childhood and into my twenties. I played club sport and went to the gym several times a week, completing back to back classes. Being active was part of my routine and gave me space to catch a break from work. It helped with both my physical and mental wellbeing.

In my mid-twenties, my first child arrived. I was active during my pregnancy but found myself becoming inactive in the first six months after my son was born. This was due to a lack of motivation and sleep deprivation giving me a great excuse!

I joined a 'Back to Netball' team to give me more social interaction.

Things changed after six months, and I turned back to activity. I was motivated by having the opportunity for time to myself. Taking an hour for myself at the gym did not feel selfish and it soon became a great comfort and release. After the birth of my second child, I found I was socialising less. My physical activity was walking or cycling with the children.


Advice from an active friend

After talking with an active friend, they encouraged me to engage in more group activities. I joined a ‘Back to Netball’ team to give me more social interaction. I really enjoyed becoming part of a team including the training, competition and social outings. Along with being active, it was a part of my week that I valued.

Looking back on how physical activity has changed throughout my life, I’m comforted to know that it has always been consistent. It has provided great support in my physical and mental health.

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