Introducing the We Are Undefeatable campaign

Date: 19 June 2020   Author: Energise Me

We're passionate about supporting people with long-term health conditions to move more, in ways that work for them. This is why we'll be championing the We Are Undefeatable campaign across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

We Are Undefeatable Campaign

We Are Undefeatable is a national campaign to support the 15 million people in England who live with one or more long-term health conditions. It was launched on the 29th August to help those with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis and Parkinson’s to build physical activity into their lives.

15 of the major health and social care charities* have joined forces to lead the campaign, which is backed by insight and National Lottery funding from Sport England.

By championing We Are Undefeatable in our area, we hope to inspire more local residents to get active in a way that’s right for them.


Why We Are Undefeatable is needed

One in four people in England lives with at least one long-term health condition. And these numbers are rising.

You are twice as likely to be inactive if you have a health condition. However, being active can help to manage over 20 conditions such as depression and type 2 diabetes. It can also reduce the impact and severity of some symptoms.

According to Sport England’s research, 69% of people with a long-term health condition want to be more active. But lack of energy, fear of making health issues worse, and the unpredictable nature of conditions can get in the way.


Who features in the campaign

We Are Undefeatable puts the spotlight on real people. Individuals, such as Jo (video below) inspired and star in the campaign. It celebrates them getting active, despite the ups and downs of their conditions.

We’ll be capturing stories from local people to tie in with the campaign. If you have a long-term health condition and have found an activity that works for you then we’d love you to share your story with us. Likewise, if you coach someone who could be an inspiration to others then please get in touch with Bethany or Sara.


Where to find out more

Explore the We Are Undefeatable website to find stories and tips for getting active with a health condition. You can also access the Supporter Hub if you’d like to join us in supporting the campaign. It’s packed full of images and posters you can share to raise awareness of the campaign. Just make sure you read the guidelines.

*The charities behind the campaign are Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, Asthma UK, Breast Cancer Now, British Lung Foundation, British Red Cross, Diabetes UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, MS Society, Parkinson’s UK, Rethink Mental Illness, Royal Voluntary Service, Stroke Association and Versus Arthritis.

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