3 Underused Spaces Which Are Now Thriving Places

Date: 19 July 2023   Author: Energise Me

Physical activity doesn’t always need a state-of-the-art new build facility, sometimes it just needs a change of perspective. These individuals or organisations saw a forgotten space as an opportunity for activity…

1. Lee Quarry – Lancashire, UK

What was originally a working quarry up until the late 1980s has since been transformed into a major location for recreational mountain biking.

There are two trails to be explored (Red and Black) which are surrounded by the remains of an industry long gone. It was set up by Lancashire County Council and is free for all to use. Not only is it now a place for bikes, but many go by foot to experience the historic features and nearby attractions like the Irwell Sculpture Trail.

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2. Soccer Play Spaces – Dallas, USA

Underused tennis courts in the city of Dallas were converted into mini-pitches for football (soccer) to be enjoyed by local young people.

Thanks to a Target and U.S Soccer Foundation partnership, neighbourhoods with limited space can now play the sport! These colourful areas are suitable for organised programs or friendly games and hope to make activity accessible for underserved communities.

3. Szaber Bowl – Warsaw, Poland

After a shopping centre development was never finished, one local group took it upon themselves to make it the skatepark they’d never had.

Fifteen pairs of hands worked tirelessly to build the obstacles that so many people now enjoy. It was made for everyone in the community to use with no expectation of anything in return. Designed to be a place to be free of other aspects of life.

In 2019, the team designed a new concept Szaber bowl to be located next to the current one to bring a new dimension of skateboarding to their community.

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