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Health Walks are for all ages and abilities to come together and get their bodies moving.

Led by a trained volunteer who has assessed the route to meet the needs of all participants, Health Walks are free and vary in distance/time. Across different local areas, walks can be coordinated by either the district council or charities.

Why Should You Get Involved?

By joining the walks as a participant or a walk leader, you’ll:

  • Gain knowledge of your local area
  • Make new friends and build your confidence
  • Benefit your physical and mental health
  • Feel like part of the community

Contact Your Local Group

We’re so glad you’re interested in joining your local health walks. Contact the group coordinator to express your interest or find out more.

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Walking is a great way to move, make friends or enjoy me time.

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Testing a digital approach to get more women walking for health.

Staying Active As A Family

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