Encouraging others to be active

Help friends and family take the leap towards a happier and healthier future.

We all strive to be happy and healthy. But often it’s easier to look after other people than it is to look after ourselves. Your friends and family are lucky that you’re looking out for them. If they don’t recognise it yet, they will when they’re moving more and feeling better for it.

There were weeks when I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed but with the encouragement of my mum I went [to circuits]. On those days I always felt so much better.

Georgia, Southampton

Lead by example

Our friends and family have a huge impact on our lives – often without even realising it. One of the simplest ways to encourage your loved ones to move more is to model active behaviour. Tell them what you’ve been up to and how it made you feel, and share regular posts about being active on social media.

However you choose to share your experiences, make sure you keep it real. It’s important for your friends and family to know that they don’t need to be perfect or ‘good at it’ to be active.

Still slow. Still lapping everyone on the couch.

This Girl Can

Be active together

Think of ways to build movement into the time that you spend together. If you normally meet for a drink or food, try going for a walk instead or combining a walk and a meal.

If you live together and watch a lot of TV, set yourself an ad break movement challenge. Or switch 30 minutes of TV watching for an online workout instead. You’ll find plenty to choose from on our Getting Active at Home page.

Alternatively, if you live quite a distance away. Try challenging your loved ones to a step or workout challenge using a fitness app. Hop over to our Fitness Apps page for ideas.

Create a different focus

If being active really isn’t their thing then joining a charity challenge could help shift the focus. Some people find that supporting a charity they care about provides that little extra motivation they need to get started.

Otherwise, hobbies like photography can be great for getting outdoors and walking without thinking of it as exercise. Think of something they enjoy that could include movement.

Mags' story

Mags was feeling unfit and experiencing aches and pains. Her office job meant she was sitting down all day and she was struggling to motivate herself to be active. But signing up for a Swimathon with a friend got her right back in the swim of things!

Mags built up from 20 lengths to 60 in 2-3 months. At first she was really tired but then started to feel stronger. She now describes herself as “a water baby”.

Read Mags’ story.

Celebrate achievements

We believe in your ability to get your friends and family moving more. So, when you do, be sure to celebrate their achievements. That could be as small as walking for 10 minutes or doing a 5-minute workout. If it’s more than they’ve been doing, tell them they’re doing great and encourage them to carry on.

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