Energise YOUth funding

Energise YOUth exists to help young people become and stay active.

Just 46.8% of the nation’s children and young people are meeting the recommended level of physical activity. Those in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are even less likely to do the recommended level of physical activity. But, together we can change this.

Sport makes me feel worried because of people judging how I look, what my size is, if I sweat too much and so on.

Teenager, Hampshire

Getting young people active

The Energise YOUth project (formerly known as Satellite Clubs) exists to help children and young people across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to move more. We aim to:

  • provide positive experiences, designed with young people, that make them feel good about physical activity and sport
  • change behaviour by supporting young people to exercise at a moderate intensity and to build regular activity habits
  • influence the sector by supporting activity providers to adapt and tailor their offer to deliver what 14-19-year-olds want and need – particularly those who aren’t currently active or are at risk of stopping

Who is it for?

Energise YOUth is for 14-19-year-olds who are not regularly active. In particular, we want to support those who are vulnerable or facing disruption in their lives. We also want to support those who are underrepresented in sport e.g. girls and young people with disabilities.

Since joining our boxing club, Kit has transformed physically and mentally. He is healthier and he has a new found confidence.

Energise YOUth club leader

Benefits for young people

Energise YOUth club members report all kinds of benefits:

  • Feeling fitter and healthier
  • Gaining confidence
  • Achieving personal goals
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Learning new skills

But there are also benefits for activity providers:

  • Reaching new participants
  • Shaping activities with 14-19-year-olds to improve delivery
  • Attracting funding and resources
  • Developing coaches, leaders and volunteers
  • Creating new partnerships

Andover Young Carers Story

In 2019 we were able to support Andover Young Carers to set up an Energise YOUth project. The young carers were consulted and they decided they would most like to take part in swimming and climbing. The swimming sessions were set up to be 50% instructed lessons and 50% ‘free play’ to create a good learning environment and help the young people learn new skills. The young carers attended sessions with project workers who they knew well and trusted.

All the young carers were given a journal to log how they felt throughout the sessions. At the start of the sessions, many wrote about being nervous and finding activity scary. By the end of the sessions, their views had changed. With one young carer writing “I am an awesome human being! (Happy face emoji)” and many expressing that they were having fun and becoming more comfortable.

Read more about Andover Young Carers Energise YOUth project here.

Young people climbing. (Andover Young Careers)

Here is an example of an Energise YOUth project and the impact it had on the young people who attended

Energise YOUth funds

Sport England has confirmed our funding to deliver Energise YOUth (formerly Satellite Clubs) until March 2022. To apply for funding you will need to demonstrate that you:

  • are meeting an identified want or need from local young people
  • have worked with young people to design your proposed Energise YOUth project
  • will support vulnerable and/or inactive 14-19-year-olds through your project
  • will increase young people’s activity levels and/or confidence to take part in physical activity
  • can provide appropriate wraparound support to help young people take part
  • have plans to make the project sustainable

You can also apply for small amounts of funding to help with the costs of consultation and project design. Get in touch with Emma to chat through ideas.

Making your project sustainable

To enable young people to build long-lasting physical activity habits, your project needs to be sustainable. This might mean:

  • training up staff members to deliver physical activities
  • building partnerships to allow young people to continue being active outside of your project
  • looking for funding to continue running the project beyond the Energise YOUth funding

Hear it from the young people themselves

Hear from the young people themselves as they tell their stories about joining an Energise YOUth Project, starting watersports sessions and becoming more active. Find out how the sessions have a positive impact on them and changed their lives for the better.

The practical stuff

How much funding can we apply for?

Partners can apply for up to £4,500. This is based on a delivery model of a once a week activity for a minimum of 12 young people.

What age group is this funding for?

Your young people should be aged between 11 and 19 if you are looking to run an after-school group.

They should be aged between 14 and 19 if you are applying for a youth or community group.

Are there restrictions on how we spend this funding?

Energise YOUth funds can be used to pay an external instructor, for venue hire fees, for equipment and for training. In some cases, funds can be used to pay additional staff costs. However, it is not core costs funding so it can’t be used for salaries. Nor can it be used for overheads or day-to-day running costs.

How do we apply?

To apply for Energise YOUth funding, you will need to fill in an Expression of Interest form. You can download the form at the bottom of this page. Please get in touch and let us know if we can help shape your plans.

Is there a deadline for submission?

We accept expressions of interest throughout the year.

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