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The Energise YOUth programme is changing. We hope to share more details soon. Visit this webpage again in the future to find out more.

Meanwhile, here are some good news stories from past projects for you to enjoy.

Andover Young Carers Story

In 2019 we were able to support Andover Young Carers to set up an Energise YOUth project. The young carers were consulted and they decided they would most like to take part in swimming and climbing. The swimming sessions were set up to be 50% instructed lessons and 50% ‘free play’ to create a good learning environment and help the young people learn new skills. The young carers attended sessions with project workers who they knew well and trusted.

All the young carers were given a journal to log how they felt throughout the sessions. At the start of the sessions, many wrote about being nervous and finding activity scary. By the end of the sessions, their views had changed. With one young carer writing “I am an awesome human being! (Happy face emoji)” and many expressing that they were having fun and becoming more comfortable.

Read more about Andover Young Carers Energise YOUth project here.

Young people climbing. (Andover Young Careers)

Here are some examples of how our Energise YOUth projects have impacted the young people who attended

Hear it from the young people themselves

Hear from the young people themselves as they tell their stories about joining an Energise YOUth Project, starting watersports sessions and becoming more active. Find out how the sessions have a positive impact on them and changed their lives for the better.

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