Hampshire Institute of Sport

Hampshire Institute of Sport gives young athletes access to bespoke support to help fine-tune their performance.

We launched the Hampshire Institute of Sport in 2018, in partnership with University of Winchester and Hampshire County Council.

The institute connects Masters students from the university with young Hampshire athletes who are aiming for the world stage. It gives both the chance to apply sports science and sports psychology in a practical context, with supervision from university lecturers.

The project has given many of the athletes involved their first experience of video analysis and biomechanical testing.

The Hampshire Institute of Sport gives [our students] an opportunity to apply the concepts they learn in the classroom.

Ed Tasker, Senior Physiology Laboratory Technician

How it began

The Hampshire Institute of Sport grew out of the Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme (HTAS).

HTAS provides funding and a wide range of support. But athletes were needing more bespoke support, including:

  • physiological testing
  • biomechanical analysis
  • psychological support
  • strength and conditioning training

This kind of support can identify areas for improvement to boost performance and help prevent injury. So we teamed up with University of Winchester to provide individualised testing and support.

There is no way that we would have access to this kind of information, so vital in performance sport, without the expertise and support of the University of Winchester team.

Parent of swimmer

Bespoke testing and support

The initial pilot provided tailored support for 17 athletes from three Hampshire clubs. The athletes were all aged between 13 and 17 and competing in badminton, swimming or diving.

They took part in electromyography analysis, blood lactate or fitness testing. After the initial tests, the students created personalised reports with recommendations to improve performance.

Growing Hampshire Institute of Sport

The pilot is complete. But the institute continues to grow. Since the pilot, we have opened the institute more widely to all HTAS athletes. If you are coaching athletes involved in the scheme, you can register interest using the form below.

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