Sophie loves wine and Wotsits and has never seen herself as a jump-around exercise type. But lockdown and a lack of outdoor space prompted her to take on Couch to 5k.

Sophie running

Sophie's story

I have never been particularly active. Cross country running and the bleep test were the stuff of my teenage nightmares. These days I work as the Director of The Spring, the arts centre and museum in Havant.  I love my job but most days are spent at my desk, drinking coffee in meetings, or walking around our building. On a good day I might walk a total of 2000 steps.

I have a three-year-old, so weekends are spent running around. But 30 minutes in the park is about our limit before we head for ice cream. Until a couple of months ago, I’d resigned myself to always being unfit.

I love my job but most days are spent at my desk... On a good day I might walk a total of 2000 steps.

From Couch to 5k

Then one Wednesday evening I put my trainers by the door. When I woke up early on Thursday there was no excuse, so I went for it.  It was early and everyone was still asleep. I left a note that read, ‘You won’t believe this but I’ve gone for a run!’.

I headed out and, really without understanding why, I did the first run of the Couch to 5K programme.  I won’t pretend it was easy. But when I got back I felt great – better than I had in years.

I feel better for running. I have more energy, feel less guilty about those Wotsits and hope to be a better example for my little boy. I am not necessarily a natural, but I am now a runner.  And if I can do it, you definitely can too.

Read Sophie’s full blog, an unexpected path from Couch to 5k.

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