Annual Report and Accounts

Take a look back at a few highlights of our year in the Energise Me Annual Report and Accounts.

The report charts our progress towards beating inactivity. It also includes our audited accounts, which explain where our money has come from and how we’ve spent it.

Our trustees are responsible for preparing these reports in line with the law and UK accounting standards. We publish a report in the autumn of each year.

Happier, healthier, stronger

For too long the people with the most to gain from being active have been the least likely to take part. In partnership with Public Health partners, we launched a strategy in 2017 to address these inequalities.

A year later, we are already seeing significant reductions in the number of inactive people in our area. At the half way point of the strategy, we are already 57% of the way towards our target of helping 44,000 people move away from an inactive lifestyle.

25,000 more people are now enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of being active.

A note from our chair, Jon Monkcom

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of all our partners and stakeholders who have stood with us in championing physical activity. Together, we have encouraged more people to be active.

Collaboration continues to be vital to our work. And so, it’s with excitement that we look forward to 2019/2020 and the new partnerships the year may bring. Let’s work together to make our communities happier, healthier and stronger.

It’s exciting to see more people recognising the value of an active lifestyle. But this doesn’t mean we can relax. We still need to push for action.

Julie Amies, Chief Executive

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