Active Learning

Active learning can help bring any subject to life. Imagine teaching maths with dance moves or history through walking. There are plenty of ways to energise your classroom while delivering the core curriculum.

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Physical Activity isn’t all about physical education. Although, a good PE Curriculum obviously helps. All schools need to deliver the national curriculum across a broad range of subjects. But you can use Active Learning to teach any subject.

Building physical activity into lessons, such as maths, can have huge benefits. It can help raise attitude, attainment, confidence and self-esteem for subject areas while improving physical activity levels.

Getting started with Active Learning

Even simple tweaks like asking pupils to stand up rather than put their hand up can make a big difference. Take it further by positioning different answers to questions around the classroom to get pupils thinking on their feet.

Start with small changes and gradually build up physical activity from there. There are lots of lesson plans and resources below to help.

Active learning resources and services

Active Me 360

Active Me 360 offers a range of active schools services, including Maths on the Move and Curriculum Physical Education. It also provides teacher training and support. These services are designed to improve your students’ physical literacy and overall well-being.


A-life provides healthy living workshops, fun fitness, and alcohol and drug awareness sessions for primary schools. The workshops support and promote physical activity in schools.


Animalates is an online physical literacy resource which uses elements and characters inspired by the animal kingdom. It is designed by physical literacy experts, tested by teachers and enjoyed by children all over the UK.

BBC Super Movers

BBC Super Movers offers free and fun curriculum-linked resources arranged by Key Stage and subject.  Perfect for getting your classroom moving while they learn.


imoves offers resources for teachers, which are designed to get primary school children learning actively. Add an active spin to your lessons with their free trial.

Non-stop Action

Non-stop Action provides educational services to increase physical activity in schools. The team can support you with PE Curriculum, outdoor education and teacher training and CPD.

Real PE

Real PE transforms how schools deliver PE in order to include, challenge and support every child to be active. It enables pupils to develop physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills so that they can excel in PE, Sport and life. 


The Skip2bfit programme was developed by working Headteachers and positively impacts on pupils’ ability to learn. As well as improving fitness, the workshops encourage a growth mindset and can help improve mental maths and number recognition.

Succeed In

Succeed In is an online Primary PE platform. It enables teachers to invest their time in other areas of the curriculum. Sign up and use their management platform for free.

Teach Active

Teach Active is an online resource that provides teachers with lesson plans and resources to deliver the Primary Maths and English curriculum through physical activity.

More ideas

Discover more ways to help your pupils reach their 60 minutes of daily physical activity on our Daily Activity page.

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