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We always encourage schools to promote Active Home lives to boost children’s ability to learn and engage in school. Now pupils are at home more often, it is more important than ever to support young people to be active at home.

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Signpost families to free resources

Active Kids Do Better

Family-friendly activities to get families moving together at home or outdoors.

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Activity Passport

A free downloadable resource that families can use to create active adventures.

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Real PE at Home

Real PE at home helps children to continue to develop multiple skills through fun games and challenges.

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A free online platform providing short activities to get families active.

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Free resources to help families eat well and move more.

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NHS Get Active Your Way

Fitness tips from the NHS for busy mums, dads and families.

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Premier League Primary Stars

A collection of fun curriculum-linked activities for families.

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The Daily Mile at Home

A fun way for families to run, walk or skip to better health.

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Set active homework

Most schools set ‘homework’ from time to time. Connecting it to physical activity is a simple way to make homework fun and get families moving more. It could focus purely on being active. Or, it could be linked to a specific subject to help children learn in a different way. Free and simple active homework ideas include:

  • picking a physical activity to do as a family and writing about it
  • going for a walk and writing down 10 things you see (which could relate to a specific topic)
  • counting how many steps it takes to get from A to B and from B to C etc then adding in sums

We recognise that those children we can support at home do better at school.

Emily Kirk, Headteacher talking about Real Play

Promote active home ideas

School websites and newsletters provide a great opportunity to promote being active at home. How many parents at your school know that their children should be doing 30 minutes of physical activity at school and 30 minutes at home each day? And do they know those 30 minutes could be done in 10-minute chunks? Or that they could be free activities such as walking fast or running?

In this case study, a headteacher talks about the impact of real play.

Invest in family play

Schools that have invested in training to support parents to play with their children have noticed a real difference in pupils’ behaviour and engagement in school. Invest primary premium funding in FitBags or Real Play to enable children to be active at home.

In partnership with Public Health and Create Development, we have Real Play workshops available for primary schools in Aldershot and Andover. Chat to Kelly to find out more.

Purchase a FitBag

Non Stop Action sell FitBags for schools to loan to families so that children can be active at home.

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Train staff in Real Play

Train teachers and support staff in real play to help parents and carers to play with their children.

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