This Girl Can Classes – Where getting it wrong is totally alright!

Date: 25 April 2022   Author: Energise Me

This Girl Can exercise classes have launched in multiple locations across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to help women move more.

Women laughing in This Girl Can Class

This Girl Can classes are taking place in multiple locations across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. A project funded by Sport England and the National Lottery, the classes hope to help women gain confidence. The classes give women the opportunity to try new activities in a friendly, supportive environment.

If you’ve got two left feet or have never done a push up in your life, then these classes are for you.

The classes will help you gain the confidence to try new moves, understand different fitness class options and even make new friends.

This Girl Can Classes are for anyone. Whether you’re looking to get into exercise for the first time or get back to it after a break.

Prices range from £5 – £8.

What to expect from the classes

Every class starts with a warm welcome from a friendly, qualified instructor. They will then explain what the class will entail that week before starting a gentle warm up to prepare your body for exercise.

You will then be guided through two 10-minute blocks of exercise with an interval in the middle. The main blocks of activity will be different each week, giving you a taster of different styles and allowing you to try new things in a supportive environment.

The instructor will then guide you through a cool down, before a short period of mindfulness to reflect on the class before they answer any questions you have.

Local classes:


Keep an eye out as new classes are popping up all the time. You can check the This Girl Can class finder to find new classes.

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