New resource to help schools promote healthy forms of fundraising

Date: 8 November 2021   Author: Energise Me

The Healthy Fundraising Guide aims to help schools raise vital funds whilst promoting healthy choices. It is produced by Public Health, Hampshire School Games Organisers and Energise Me.

Fundraising by students, school staff, and carer groups plays an integral part in helping fund many classroom projects, activities, field trips and school events. But such activities can easily undermine a healthy school environment. They often involve selling foods high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories — creating a mixed message in schools that are otherwise teaching positive lifestyle habits.

Over 57% of Children across Hampshire are doing less than the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day. 16% leave school obese.

Schools play a vital role in promoting and encouraging physical activity and healthy eating. The pandemic has increased the need to shape these positive behaviours and, for many, the need to fundraise. We’re launching the Healthy Fundraising Guide to make it easier for schools to do both at the same time. The guide is packed with ideas to raise funds in a way that reinforces the healthy messages schools teach

The guide has been produced in a partnership between Public Health, Hampshire School Games Organisers and Energise Me. It contains guidance on both healthy eating and physical activity, a bank of ideas for raising funds, case studies from local schools and other resources to support schools.

You can download the guide below,

We would love to hear how your school puts healthy fundraising into practice. Tag us in your tweets, @EnergiseMe_ or get in touch with Kelly.

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