Hampshire School Games Mark May

Date: 22 June 2020   Author: Energise Me

The Hampshire School Games Mark May challenges launch this week. As the School Games Organisers continue to reach out to all schools to share and promote the importance of being physically active even when not at school.

The Hampshire SGO’s Daily Physical Activity Challenge was launched on 23rd March 2020. Last week more than 1500 pupils took part in the daily physical activity challenges. Schools engaged in the programme are being rewarded with recognition given weekly to the school with the most pupils taking part.

The Hampshire School Games is an annual multi-sport competition.  Winning schools from local area events come together to compete in county finals in 17 different sports. With more than 2,500 young people across the county taking part. It is the largest event in the county’s school sporting calendar. The event this year has been postponed until October, however, the network of Hampshire SGO’s are launching ‘School Games Mark May’ to keep everyone active. The 4-week programme of daily challenges will be linked to the sports that would have been played at the annual games.


School Games Mark May

Each week, challenges from two sports will be released and will provide schools with virtual competition in a range of sports that have been postponed this year. Still based on personal best, the challenges will enable schools to compete against each other to identify winning schools across the different challenges. Schools will be rewarded once lock-down is over with a trophy for top primary and secondary school in each sport.


"I feel it is important that the SGO’s continue to provide the opportunities we always would have done, albeit in a virtual world! It has been fantastic to see schools engaging in the daily challenges and I hope that Sport Mark May will not only engage many students and their families to be active at home, it will also help PE Teachers meet some of their PE targets in school"

Holly Shirley (Test Valley SGO):


For more information on how to take part in the games visit our Hampshire School Games page. Or follow our social media accounts

Twitter: @HampshireSGO

Facebook: @HampshireSGO or search ‘Hampshire SGO’s’

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