Getting creative with Physical Activity

Date: 25 June 2020   Author: Energise Me

If your New Year fitness goals are already slipping then it's time for a rethink...


Exercise is good for us so we need to find a way to love it, right? People tell us these things. We tell ourselves these things. We try different classes. We decide to become runners or cyclists. Some of us get lucky and find the magical formula that makes exercise a passion not a chore.

Meanwhile, with every class we attend, the rest of us become more convinced that exercise isn’t for us. We’d rather spend time doing the things that we love.

So what if we start there? Exercise isn’t all about sweating it out in a spin class or dragging yourself out in the rain. Try adding an active twist to the things that you love, to keep those good intentions on track.

Here are some ideas that you can consider to get you started.


Love all things creative?

Active Photography or Art – Go for a brisk walk and capture what you see or get crafty with the things you find in the environment. If you’re walking along the sea or in the forest you could collect pieces of wood and create something when you get home.

Dance like nobody is watching – A great way to elevate your heart rate. With so many options to try there is a type of dance for everyone. Zumba, hip hop, swing, take your pick! If you don’t feel confident enough to try a class, there are ample videos to choose from on YouTube. Find out how to get started here. Or stick on your favourite tune and freestyle!

Adult gymnastics – Fantastic for strength and flexibility training. Whether you want to do your first ever handstand, master the bars or improve your balance on the beam. There are gyms all over the county. Find a club near you.

Love the great outdoors?

Check out those views – Hampshire and the Isle of Wight can boast amazing scenery. It has the best of both worlds: the forest and the ocean. Hike up the cliffs or hills, or stride along the South Downs. Find top walks in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Plogging – A great activity for anyone who cares about the environment. It’s a combination of jogging or walking and picking up litter. Help clear the streets and fight against plastic pollution whilst increasing your heart rate. Good for you and the environment.

Geocaching – An outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS devices. There are hundreds to find on our patch. Embark on an exciting digital outdoor adventure to discover and learn new things, whilst getting active. To get started, download the geocaching app today.

Love play?

Ready, Set, Play! – You don’t have to be a child or have children to enjoy the playground. Monkey bars are great for strength training, or you could test your endurance and make your way up the climbing frame. There are lots of ways you could use a playground to get active. Check out these top tips from This Girl Can. Alternatively, you could take a trip to the forest and release your inner child. Try climbing and jumping over stumps and logs or climb up some trees. It won’t take long before you remember all the things you used to do in the great outdoors when you were growing up.

Playground games – Stuck in the mud, grandmothers footsteps, capture the flag, rounders. Get some family and friends together and relive your school days. These games can be done with little equipment, you just need some open space.

Love efficiency?

Spring Cleaning – It may not sound so exciting, but you can tick two things off your ‘to do’ list in one go. Put your favourite tunes on and boogie away whilst you hoover!

Active travel – Bike, scoot or walk to work. Save money on fuel, parking and bus tickets. Active travels means you get your exercise at the start and end of the day, which helps you towards your 150 minutes. You can even beat the traffic!


Not ready to ditch screen time?

TV ad breaks – Introducing ‘snackable exercises’ into our routines makes it more manageable and realistic. Short bursts of exercise that increase the heart rate can still benefit our wellbeing. Getting up for ad breaks during your favourite show is a simple way to do this. You could try the Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout, or try jogging on the spot, some tricep dips, squats, or whatever you feel like doing.

Play active video games – Wii fit, Wii tennis, Just Dance. Get your friends and family together to increase and diversify the competition. You’ll soon forget that you’re also burning calories.


We would love to hear from you if you try any of these activities, or discover another way that works for you. Let us know how you get on. 

Chat to Georgia about how you've been getting creatively active

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