5 Festive Physical Activities

Date: 4 December 2023   Author: Energise Me

With Christmas spirit in full swing, it’s time to add a dash of festive physical activity to your celebrations. Instead of waiting around and counting down to the big day, how about passing the time with active games the whole family can enjoy?

Get ready to fill your days with laughter and movement to make this Christmas the most active one yet! 

1. Christmas Tree Decorating Race

Lifting, carrying and moving between the tree and boxes of decorations is already physical activity. But who doesn’t love a sprinkle of friendly competition?

  • Set up the Christmas tree and divide your baubles by colour. Then assign each team a colour.
  • The first team to put all of their ornaments on the tree wins!

2. Gift Wrapping Relay

While gift wrapping is not a strenuous form of movement, it does involve light activity. So again, let’s raise the stakes…

  • Set up a gift-wrapping station with paper, scissors, tape and any other trimmings you normally use.
  • Divide into teams and let the games begin.
  • After each step is completed, switch person until the present is wrapped beautifully. I.e. After someone has cut the paper, return to your team and tag in the next person to Sellotape the middle fold, and so forth.

Try This: If you want to make this activity more physically active, increase the distance between the teams and the wrapping station.

3. Create An Obstacle Course

If you need some inspiration for this one, maybe watch Home Alone (but try to avoid the injuries!). Using household items, set up a series of hurdles and then jump, weave and duck. Channel your own creativity by using what’s available around you, but if you need some ideas:

  • Create a tunnel using chair and blankets. Go through as quickly as you can without touching/knocking over the equipment.
  • Use your pillows as stepping stones – you’re not allowed to touch the carpet or you have to start again!
  • Throw a set number of sweets into a tub. You can’t move on until all are in the bucket. 
  • Grab some headbands, set up items are varying distances and play ring toss.

4. Tinsel Limbo

A simple version of a classic game.

  • Hang tinsel (or string) between two poles (or have two people hold it on either end).
  • Lean backwards while passing under the bar.
  • See how low you can go before touching the tinsel or toppling to your knees.


5. Gingerbread House Relay

One of the best things about Christmas is the food. So, let’s combine fun, food and physical activity. This activity will require a few more materials than the other listed games.

You’ll need:

  • Gingerbread house kits (it is up to you whether these are preassembled or unassembled)
  • Icing and sweets for decorations


  • Split into teams.
  • You can either: take turns within your team completing specific tasks (one assembles walls, one adds icing, one adds sweets etc) or have all hands-on deck at the same time.
  • First to finish, wins!

Try This: Have a judging panel (you can send photos to your friends) and let them decide who wins. 

Bonus Game: Play Charades

A classic Christmas game for all ages to take part in. You’ll use your whole body trying to act out the names of films, tv shows, plays and books. 

Let us know which games you try during the holiday period by tagging us on social media @EnergiseMe_ or using the hashtag #EnergisingChristmas 

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