4 Historical Walks in Hampshire

Date: 16 August 2023   Author: Energise Me

Hampshire is well-known for its sites of historic interests. All around the county there are free opportunities to immerse yourself in paths of the past.

There are fragments of history left behind across our beautiful county, so why not grab your friends or family and explore your local area. Here are some of our favourites if you don’t know where to start.

1. Danebury Hill Fort, Stockbridge

One of the most studied Iron Age hill forts in Europe, you can walk around the ramparts imagining what it must have been like when it was inhabited 2500 years ago.

You can follow the story trail to learn about its history as you explore.

Route information: From the car park, the loop is approximately 1 mile. There is an incline.

Find out more on Hampshire County Council website.

2. St Catherine's Hill, Winchester

Not only is St Catherine’s Hill a historic site, but it offers beautiful views over the city of Winchester and the old St Cross Hospital.

There’s also an array of wildlife that flourishes in the area for those who enjoy nature spotting.

Route information: There are many trails within this historic site, the average trail is 1.5 miles long.

Find out more on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust website.

3. Silchester Roman City, Basingstoke

This large Roman town (including an amphitheatre) known as Calleva Atrebatum is a free attraction to walk around.

The site is easy to explore with signage pointing walkers in the right direction throughout. (There’s even an audio tour if you download the app!)

Route information: The footpath can be uneven and muddy depending on the time of year. It is around 2.2 miles.

Find out more on English Heritage website.

4. Alice Holt Forest, Farnham

After the Norman Conquest, the forest reverted to the Crown and was valued as a Royal hunting ground. This makes Alice Holt Forest a relic of the original Royal chase forests.

Route information: There are a variety of trails to explore in this location at the Hampshire border. The Easy Access Trail is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. If you choose to take the shortcut, the route is 0.7 miles while the longer walk is 1.5 miles.

Find out more on the Forestry England website.

Image Rights: Forestry England

Other walking opportunities

If walking is your thing but history isn’t, there are plenty of walking groups across the county to make it social.

Find walking groups in Hampshire on our activity finder.

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