Be Safe in Sport

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We work hard to ensure that children, young people and adults at risk feel protected when they take part in any sport. When everyone feels supported in a safe environment, it can really help to boost confidence, build enjoyment, promotes teamwork and creates opportunities to learn valuable life skills.

As a parent or a carer, you’ll want to find a club or organisation in your area that puts safe practices at heart of everything that they do. It can be hard to know where to start and we can signpost you to lots of information including Clubmark clubs that have high standards of welfare and a strong duty of care.

We have lots of resources relating to safety in sport, volunteering and anything else you’ll need if you’re looking for a specific club or sport. We’ve compiled a list of useful links that take you to relevant groups and charities that cover all areas of safeguarding – from the Ann Craft Trust that provides support for all sectors to protect disabled children and adults to the tireless work done by the Child Protection in Sport Unit.

You can also be assured that we offer training for every adult and every group involved in sport with a range of regular courses and workshops across the region.

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