Why invest in workplace wellbeing

Investing in workplace wellbeing is good for your organisation and your people.

Workplaces that invest in employee wellbeing are happier, healthier and more productive. Physically active workers take 27% fewer sick days. They are less stressed and report better morale than their less active colleagues.

The potential economic return on investment (ROI) for a UK business that invests in workplace health initiatives is £4.17 for every £1 spent (British Heart Foundation).

Around a third of adults in England are damaging their health through a lack of physical activity.

Business in the Community, A Toolkit for Employers

Why physical activity

The problem: 8.2 million work days in England are lost due to mental health and stress related problems (Get Britain Standing).

The solution: Physical activity reduces our risk of depression by up to 30% (NHS).

The problem: 42% of employees with a health condition felt their condition affected their work ‘a great deal’ or ‘to some extent’ (Department for Work and Pensions).

The solution: Physical activity reduces our risk of major diseases by up to 50%.

The problem: British people sit for 8.9 hours each day, on average. An office worker sits for 10 hours, on average. Sitting for more than four hours a day can increase our risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, back pain and muscle degeneration (Get Britain standing).

The solution: Physical activity breaks up sitting time.

The bottom line: Lack of physical activity is costing the UK an estimated £7.4 billion a year (Public Health England). So we can’t afford not to invest in workplace wellbeing.

Making your case

We want to make it easy for you to make the case for physical activity at work. As well as the facts and figures above, you may find these resources useful. They contain presentation-ready infographics, in-depth research and templates to develop your plans.

British Heart Foundation

Find Health at Work infographics, research and business case templates to help you get started.

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Public Health England

Explore health and work infographics for cost, health conditions, and different age groups.

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