Engaging Young People: A toolkit

More and more people and organisations are recognising the importance of engaging with or consulting the people they serve. So, how can we do this?

The Engaging Young People: A toolkit grew from consultations with young people, teachers and coaches. It’s been created to give you ideas about how you can include young people in the design and delivery of physical activity. After all, young people are experts on their own wants and needs.

How to use this resource

This toolkit can be used by anyone supporting young people to be physically active. It comes in two parts. We recommend reading through the toolkit before using the activity cards as it details the definitions of ‘consultation’, ‘participation’, ‘co-design’ and ‘youth voice’, and why they are important.

To save you planning time, the activity cards are helpfully divided into sections that include icebreakers, finding out about how young people feel about physical activity, designing a project and gathering feedback for evaluation.

The materials in the packs have been tried and tested on children and young people and includes some personal insights from Emma Dovener, Programme Manager for Children and Young People at Energise Me.

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