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Activity and the Environment- Why it Matters

Our goal is to create a happier, healthier and stronger future for local people. We want everyone to benefit equally from taking part in physical activity and sport.

The effects of climate change and inequalities faced in our communities create a potential risk and barrier to us achieving this goal.

Sport and physical activity have long been a unifier and conduit for social change. Energise Me want to be an active participant in tackling inequalities and the effects of climate change. As well as addressing our own behaviours, we want to support our partners and network to take action.

Climate Impact in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

The climate change emergency is affecting our eco-systems, health, homes, facilities and the ability to do the things we enjoy, such as sports and physical activity.

Across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight winter storms and flooding have already begun to impact grass roots teams and clubs.  If we don’t act now, we can expect:

  • Increased winter rainfall by up to 35% by 2080.
  • Sea level in the South-East is expected to rise by 30cm by 2040.
  • More frequent winter storms and increased wind speeds.
  • Catastrophic losses to biodiversity.
  • Increased summer water scarcity.
  • Average 4°C rise of summer temperatures.

*Data source: Hampshire County Council  

Climate Action You Can Take

Will you be the person to start the conversation in your organisation? From organisational policies to the benefits of environment and climate action, Sport England have put together a short guide on how to take action on climate change.

Sport Englands Buddle platform offers a lot of tips on how your organisation can start your journey, get started using the links below.

Local action

Boy Cycling

Active Travel

Cycling To Work

Our Partners

Helping us tackle inactivity to boost health and happiness

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