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Energise Me and Sport England have joined forces to support more young people to be active. We want to see:
- Young people being at the heart of creating fun experiences.
- Opportunities that enable them to be active on their own terms and to feel confident in their ability.
- Chances for them to build a positive connection with physical activity.
- Young people encouraged to be active on a regular basis.
- Having access to opportunities that inspire them to make physical activity a habit.
- Something that is part of who they are and what they do, on their own or with friends and family.
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What is an Energise YOUth project?

They are:
- local activities designed with and by young people
- opportunities that meet young people’s needs, offer a positive experience, and build confidence
- ways of being active that motivate young people to keep coming back.

Who is this for:

The aim of the programme is to reach young people who are not taking part in regular physical activity. There could be many different reasons for this. They might be facing challenges and in a vulnerable or disadvantaged position. They might have unsettled lives or may lack confidence.
Our focus is on those who are 11-19 years of age. We understand the barriers that this age group faces in being physically active. But, if your project branches out of the this range, we are happy to discuss this.
Every Energise YOUth project must either link to an existing activity. Or must have potential to grow into a session that carries on itself. The project might turn into something that happens on a regular basis. Or it might run for a fixed length of time with participants moving on to join a similar activity elsewhere.

How do you apply for funding?

Local organisations like you can apply for funding to set up and run a project for young people in your area. We ask you to complete this Expression of Interest form. This gives you the chance to tell us about your project. It is not only the planned activity that interests us. We want to know about the wrap around support young people will receive to help them become and stay active.
We will assess proposals against our Energise YOUth aims and principles. If your project idea doesn't quite fit the bill, we will work with you to fine-tune it.
We will contact you within 4 weeks of your expression of interest coming in.
Award of Lottery funding is subject to Sport England approval. They make the final decision on all applications.

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