Extended Support To Athletes (Invitation to Quote)

We are looking to commission Extended Support To Athletes for the Hampshire Talented Athletes Scheme, including the development and coordination of workshops/seminars.

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The Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme (HTAS) supports athletes to reach their goals in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games disciplines.

It was inspirational and opened up the way I thought about things.

- Athlete feedback from previous workshop

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for an individual/organisation with:

  • Knowledge and experience of sports performance. This might have been acquired through having been a participant yourself or through lecturing in higher education in sports science or sports medicine, through coaching high-performance athletes or another relevant role.
  • Experience of building and maintaining effective relationships.
  • Good planning skills to ensure that the work is delivered in an organised and efficient way to meet the needs of the athletes and / or their parents.
  • Strong organisational and time management skills.

The Task

The role will involve working with us to develop and coordinate a programme of workshops and / or seminars to support our talented athletes.

Four workshops during a 12-month period, to support our HTAS recipients including (but not solely) elements such as nutrition, competition preparation, handling stress, emotional management, shaping their future and public speaking.

Additionally, we would like to expand our physiotherapy offer to enable athletes to access support closer to their home. We have only one provider, based in Fareham, supporting our athletes right now.

We anticipate this work will take approximately 34 days over a period of a year, starting February 2023.

Useful for aspects of life beyond sport.

- Athlete feedback from previous workshop

Download The Full Job Specification

To Apply

Please send a proposal of no more than 2 pages, including:

  • A CV and/or covering letter which summarises the skills and experience required for this work.
  • Your proposal of how you plan to develop this area of work.
  • Anticipated start date.
  • An indication of the average number or working days/hours per month to be committed over the contract period.
  • Covered in the CV / cover letter your project timeline.
  • Your fee for the work.
  • Any further information which may support the proposal.

We will shortlist quotations based on these criteria and undertake follow up interviews with shortlisted candidates. If interviews are not required, the successful consultant will be notified by 6th January 2023.

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