Pupils taking part in Hampshire School Games week

Hampshire School Games Week 2022

We are really excited to, this year, be bringing back Hampshire School Games week as a virtual celebration of PE, School Sport and Physical Activity. 

We have provided resources for each day of the week; these are downloadable at the bottom of this page for any school in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. 

We’d love you to share your experiences and the children’s blogs, stories and news reports each day. This can be done via the Padlet links below: 


Leadership Monday

To kickstart Hampshire School Games Week we have a Leadership workshop to follow, pupils will have 3 different leadership roles to choose from which they can then adopt to support the remainder of the week. Schools can choose to do as many activities as time allows and can use the resources flexibly around the school day.
The activities involved in the Leadership workshop are:

  1. Video Introduction – Promoting Leadership and beginning to introduce to pupils what leadership is.
  2. What is a leader? – Deeper dive into what a leader is and the skills that leaders possess. Create your own ‘Leadership pizza’ & introduction & choosing of one of three pathways – Deliverer, Reporter, Marketeer.
  3. Deliverer Task – Introduction to working together as leaders with practical tasks. Then create an activity task that can be used during the week.
  4. Reporter Task – Introduction to the newspaper/blog entry template. Brainstorm and plan how you will write your article during the week. Create a school #Hastag.
  5. Marketeer Task – Introduction to different ways of marketing the Sports Week /Commonwealth Games around school and the community. Create posters to advertise the week using a template provided. Create a school #Hastag to spread the word.
    We hope you enjoy taking part in some or all of the activities!


Leadership Monday Resources

Physical Activity Tuesday

Can the students of Hampshire and IOW clock up enough miles to travel across the world visiting Commonwealth countries as they go for Hampshire School Games Week?

The total distance is 31,855 miles, the aim is to cover as many of those miles as possible by completing one or more of the Physical Challenges during the school day, you can also continue throughout the whole week.

Please have a look at the choice of Physical Challenges and choose the one(s) that appeal to you and your class the most.

For each challenge your students complete they get 1 mile for their school, i.e. if a class of 30 completes the Dance and Skipping Challenge, that class will have achieved 60 miles in total. You can add the miles your school has achieved between Monday 20th June and Midday on Monday 27th June. Add your miles here.

Physical Activity Tuesday Resources

Wellbeing Wednesday

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday! Today, the Hampshire School Games Organisers have created three activities for you to try. Schools can choose to do one or more activities throughout the day and can use the resource flexibly to meet the needs of their curriculum.
The activities involved cover the following areas:

  1. Lunchbox Challenge – Looking at what a healthy and balanced lunchbox should contain.
  2. Commonwealth National Dishes Challenge – Try to match the countries name to the flag and national dish, can you then work out which blue dot that country is on the map?
  3. Higher/Lower Sugar Game – This game is similar to the TV game “higher or lower”. It’s designed to get pupils thinking about the amount of sugar cubes that can be found in some of the sweet dishes created in some of the Commonwealth countries. The aim of the game is to state whether they think the item has more or less sugar cubes than the previous one. The activity has been designed so that it can be played in an active way.
  4. Yoga Videos – Feel free to follow along with the yoga videos below.


We hope you enjoy taking part in some or all of the activities!

As part of Wellbeing Wednesday, you can try some yoga to help your pupils relax.

You can also give one of these yoga videos aimed specifically at different aged children a go.

Wellbeing Wednesday Resources

Cross curricular Thursday

As part of the Hampshire School Games Week, the School Games Organisers have created a range of different activities that cut across the curriculum

The activities involved cover the following areas:

  1. Math
  2. English
  3. Geography & Drama
  4. Creative
  5. Physical Activity

Cross Curricular Thursday Resources

Competition Friday

On Friday we are focusing on Sports Competition, however, these are competitive tasks have been designed to engage all children in activities, no matter the level of their ability.

The School Games Organisers have created a range of different competition formats for your school to use to engage pupils.

The competitive tasks have been designed to engage all children in activities, no matter the level of their ability. Schools can choose how to incorporate the resource into their weekly programme; you may wish to use them as an intra-school competition (class v class or in house groups), or they may be used for individuals to improve their personal best during their PE lesson!

The activities involved cover the following areas:

  1. Striking and Fielding activities include bowling, sending, and receiving and striking skills.
  2. Ball skills involving Football and Basketball skills.
  3. Athletics Quadkids Run, Jump and Throw format

Competition Friday Resources

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