Sharing Good Practice in Schools

We’re pleased that across the region, the Primary PE and School Sport funding has encouraged lots of kids to get active and engage and enjoy sport at school level.

The hard work is continuing and we understand that every school is unique – each has its own challenges and areas that they want to address. At Energise Me, we want to show schools that they’re not alone by sharing good practice from across the county.

We’ve put together a range of school case studies that show you how others solved their problems and how you might be able to take inspiration and insight from them. Primary Schools have tackled everything from to lunchtime clubs to specialist training for teachers to building relationships with professional sports organisations like the Saints Foundation.   

You can get a taste of some of the studies we have produced in the downloads section below. If you’d like to see others, get in touch with us and we can help you find one.

  • Opportunities – From training to resources, there are lots of exciting opportunities for primary schools – we keep this page updated so you can find out what’s happening in your area on a regular basis.
  • Training and Development – There are many ways to give your teachers the skills they need to make a real difference to your school’s sport. National Governing Bodies (at a local level), private coaching providers and lots of other partners offer training courses, help with planning and access to experts – check out our useful resources section for all the detailed information
  • Resources – Sport England have developed Use our School aimed at helping schools make the most of their funding – there are case studies, templates, tips on a range of subjects from governance to staffing and some inspiring videos.


If you would like to feature a case study in our Inside Primary School Sport Magazine or on our website please contact Kelly.

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