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Collaboration sits slap bang at the heart of everything we do. Beating inactivity and building happier, healthier and stronger communities is no mean feat. But with the potential to save lives and reduce annual health costs in our area by £27.8 million, it’s worth the effort. We’re rallying the troops to tackle inactivity and we’d love you to join us.

There are many influences in a person’s life that will shape how active they are. To support active lifestyles, we need to address all of those factors. That requires teamwork and innovation so we’re bringing together individuals, organisations, planners and policy-makers who share our passion for building happier, healthier and stronger communities.

We work with all kinds of partners in different ways. We’ve recently co-commissioned the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Physical Activity Strategy with Public Health colleagues. We work with a wide range of not-for-profit organisations through programmes such as Satellite Clubs and This Mum Can. We have longstanding partnerships with local authorities, universities, schools and funders.

If you have an interest in getting people active – whether that’s for physical or mental health, economic, social or environmental benefit – we’d welcome a chat.

Take a look at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Physical Activity Strategy to find out more about our particular areas of focus.

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