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6th June 2018
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Energise Me

Volunteering and Coaching provide the opportunity for clubs, teams and individuals to thrive!

Energise Me focuses on a workforce that places emphasis on the participant. The Sport England Coaching Plan for England gave us an opportunity to explore more avenues to create a clear route for all coaching. This is to help the workforce develop and reach their full potential, whether they are volunteering or coaching, whatever level they’re operating at.

Coaching is all about People, and as a result, the Principles of Great Coaching from UK Coaching are centred round the acronym PEOPLE

Person-centred – Great coaching makes me feel valued and better for being involved. My coach knows and understands me. I am included in the session.

Empowering – Great coaching makes me feel a sense of belonging. I’m asked what I think about the session, my feedback counts and I leave feeling motivated, inspired to learn and develop myself further.

Organised – Great coaching means I am safe. When I ask, it’s logical as to why we are doing things in the session to meet my goals. My coach is well prepared, instructions are clean and I know what the outcomes will be.

Positive – Great coaching makes me feel excited, inspired and glad I came along. My coach is with me every step of the way. Conversations are motivating, and feedback is helpful. I’m praised for the efforts I make in an environment where I thrive and flourish.

Learning – Great coaching means that my coach understand me, and wants to help me get better. I feel confident that I am progressing and achieving my goals. I learn something new every time.

Engaging – Great coaching means I feel involved and motivated. The sessions are creative, and get the best out of me. My coach adapts to meet my needs. I can’t wait to come back.

Coaching week will be celebrated from the 4th-11th June 2018.

Building a Community

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any sport and activity, without them most activity simply would not happen. Each volunteer experience should be beneficial to both the volunteer and their host. Our workforce strategy aims to help create positive, supportive environments across all levels of sport and physical activity. Volunteers will be celebrated across Volunteers Week from the 1st-7th June.

You, your parents or your friends could be part of our workforce…you just don’t know it yet! The right person leading a session can make all the difference between someone loving an activity or walking away.

We are connecting, communicating and collaborating with our workforce to create a more diverse “coaching” community. This community can provide good, positive activity experiences to help create habits for life.

We know the support we offer coaches and volunteers to recruit, develop and retain them is crucial to building this strong network. Having this network means anyone, no matter their goal — whether it is to run one mile or a marathon, has the right support behind them to achieve it.

Female Coaching

Project 500 addresses the imbalance of male coaches to female coaches. It is all about supporting women to be better coaches, whatever path they are on.  We know that female coaches are crucial to help the development of athletes at all levels. They have a powerful influence when it comes to encouraging more women into sport. Project 500 is supported by seven of the South-East County Sports Partnerships.

We provide support to the project in many ways already – specific Project500 bursaries, hosting workshops and networking events. Keep up to date with news by following Twitter and Facebook


We can signpost you to various sources of funding. With funding support from Hampshire County Council, we also provide our own bursaries for Hampshire’s boroughs and districts. This includes supporting female coaches through our involvement in Project 500.

We want to provide you with all the support you need to help individuals and teams thrive, whatever your sport or activity. To help you on that journey, we’ve compiled a comprehensive library of resources and information. Everything from funding, local coaching initiatives and workshops on how to recruit, reward and recognise volunteers.

Head on over to our coaching and volunteer pages today!


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