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We Can Be Active – Join the big conversation

Date: 9 November 2020   Author: Energise Me

We've launched We Can Be Active, a big online conversation, to find out what would make it easier and more appealing to be active. Join in at a time that suits you from 17th November until 15th December to share your views.

The We Can Be Active conversation is for people who are active, people who aren’t, and everyone in between. Over 1 million people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight* are improving their health and wellbeing by being physically active. But not everyone enjoys exercise or feels confident or able to join in. We want to know what helps you to be active and what gets in the way.

All comments shared will be anonymous and will help shape local provision and ensure that people have the support they need to be active on their own terms.

A note from our Chief Executive, Julie

“Being active is vital for our physical and mental health. But we know, from our own experiences, that it doesn’t always feel easy to be active. Lack of confidence, time pressures, ill health and binge-worthy TV can all get in the way. And people are facing all kinds of new challenges right now.

But, as the pandemic takes its toll, it has never been more important to be physically active. We want to hear from as many local people as possible and work with you to create happier, healthier and stronger communities.”

Photograph of Julie Amies, CEO

During the conversation you will be able to share ideas, read and comment on what others have written, and vote on what you like or don’t like. All comments are anonymous, and you can take part at a time that suits you.

Register and join in at The conversation will be live until 15 December.

*Active Lives Survey Data, November 2018/2019

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